Import and Export with VinylMaster Pro

Image Formats

Importing, Exporting & Publishing – Overview
VinylMaster Pro comes with Importing and Exporting Modules that are used to open 3rd party files directly into the current document, and to also send artwork in a common format, that most other programs can import or open. This ability means that the user can import their files (graphics/documents/jobs i.e. artwork) from an existing program or programs directly into VinylMaster, and then modify and/or output these as if they’d been originally designed in VinylMaster.* Saving countless hours of redesigning for those wishing to completely transfer their designing, cutting and printing to VinylMaster.

Importing and Exporting File Types
VinylMaster Pro has been designed to import and export the most widely used and reliable interchangeable graphics formats which includes Adobe’s Portable Document Format (.pdf), Illustrator (.ai) and Encapsulated Postscript (.eps) formats, all of which can be exported from the most popular software packages.* Other than their popularity the main advantage of these formats, is that they maintain the artwork’s original level of quality.

VinylMaster also works with all the major bitmap/image formats such as .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .png, .raw, .tif and .tga along with other popular formats such as .psd and .emf

*File formats such as .pdf, .ai and others are constantly undergoing specification and peer review (being modified and improved) and although the vast majority of files can be faithfully imported and exported, some artwork/files may not have an equivalent in VinylMaster or a 3rd party program.

Improvement Program
Future Corporation also has a dedicated program of continually improving its file format support and works closely with its customers to achieve this outcome, see Support (Send a file) for more details.

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