Vectorizer (Tracing) with VinylMaster Pro

Vectorizer (Tracing Module)

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VinylMaster Pro’s Vectorizer is a specialist utility to trace around an image or a bitmap to create vector artwork which can be re-scaled without any loss in the artwork’s quality. It does this by tracing around the pixels of an image or a bitmap to create an editable and scaleable set of curves (paths) which can then be cut out with a Vinyl Sign Cutter or drawn with a Pen Plotter.

Image Preparation
The Vectorizer works with all the major Image formats including .bmp, .gif, .jp2, .jpeg, .png, .tga and .tif along with many, many more… and comes with a number of Correction tools that automatically prepare the Image to be vectorized along with specialist Image Preparation tools that allow you to adjust the Image on a pixel-by-pixel basis to deal with any problem areas.

Work with Low-Quality Jpeg’s
The Vectorizer has also been designed to work very well with low-quality .jpg and .jpeg images as this has become the format of choice by many people in business needing signage.

Trace Options
You can set how you’d like the Image to be Converted into Vectors i.e. Vectorized (Traced) with the Vectorizer’s powerful Trace tools. These tools can greatly improve the results you obtain and can be adjusted and reapplied as many times as you wish before loading the traced Image back into VinylMaster.

Clever Design
The ability to Automatically Correct and/or Prepare the Image and to then set Trace Options as many times as is required and see the results before having to commit to them, means you save a lot of your time and obtain the best possible results. As the entire process is all done and completed within a single and dedicated utility.

VinylMaster – The Vectorizer
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