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VinylMaster Pro Text

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VinylMaster Pro comes packed full of text tools and features with some of these shown in the screenshot above.

VinylMaster Pro comes with 5 types of text types, as follows:

Text TypeDescription
Artistic Text:Suited to single words and short phrases that may include an effect
Paragraph Text:Suited to larger blocks of formatted text (columns, tabs, justified etc.)
Vertical Text:Suited to single words and short phrases in a vertical format
Arc Text:Suited to single words and short paragraphs in a circular format
Text on Path:Suited to single words and short paragraphs following an object's path

Text Tools & Features
Each type of text comes with a large selection of powerful tools and features usually only found in programs such as Adobe’s InDesign, CorelDRAW and Microsoft Word. Coupled with VinylMaster’s large suite of effects and layout tools this means you can design and output an infinite range of professional decals, signs and posters etc. quickly and easily.

Working with Text
VinylMaster makes it very easy to Work with Text by providing you with specialist tools for:

• Adding Text
• Selecting Fonts and Setting Text Size
• Inserting Symbols (Special Characters)
• Breaking (Splitting) Text
• Converting Text into another Type
• Toggling Horizontal Text to Vertical Text

Formatting Text
VinylMaster makes it easy to Format Text by providing you with specialist tools to:

• Set Bold, Italic and Underline Styles
• Change Case
• Add a Pen Style (Stroke)
• Add a Fill
• Set Reverse Fill
• Insert Bullet Points
• Set Horizontal Alignment (Justification)
• Set Character Style, Sub and Super Script
• Apply Kerning
• Set Tracking
• Skew Text
• Adjust Line Spacing
• Adjust Word Spacing

Most of these tools are just a matter of 2-Clicks and have been designed to be easy to implement and understand.

Font Management
VinylMaster Pro comes with a specialist font management module, click here to learn more about: Font Manager

Here are just a handful of the text tools available in VinylMaster Pro:

Insert Symbol

Insert Symbols


Find & Replace

Find & Replace Text

Text Wrapping

Text Wrap

Menu Boards

Menu Boards

Vertical Text

Vertical Text

Text Skew
Text Tracking

Text Kerning

Text Tools

Text Effects


Text Effects

VinylMaster – Working with Text (also includes Text in VinylMaster Xpt)
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