3D Modelling with VinylMaster Pro

3D Modelling

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VinylMaster Pro’s 3D Modelling tools allow you to take text, shapes or closed curves and place them in 3D space directly on-screen, as shown in the examples above. 3D Objects can be moved in real time with the results drawn immediately on-screen, and are ready to be cut or print out instantly.

Vinyl Signage
3D Models are ideal for creating spectacular artwork for all kinds of Vinyl-Cut Signs from Small & General Signage to Safety & Road Signs through to Sandwich Boards to Bill Boards and even Super Sites…

Export to PDF
Even if you don’t have a Large Format Printer you’ll most likely know someone who does or have a service bureau close by who can accept your designs in a high-resolution .pdf meaning you can take full advantage of the 3D Modelling Effects in VinylMaster Pro.

VinylMaster – 3D Modelling (includes 3D shading from VinylMaster Xpt as well)
Note: You can adjust the quality of the video in the bottom-right toolbar (directly above)

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